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The 2018 Polartec-Kometa Team Kit

clairewsmiley 3 years ago

The Science of Fabric: Explaining the Polartec-Kometa Team Kit

Polartec and Fundación Contador have been working together for years to outfit the Fundación’s cyclists in the most innovative apparel, all made from Polartec fabrics. This year, the first year of the Polartec-Kometa continental team, is no different. Each piece of team’s kit is designed through a collaborative process involving Polartec fabric experts, riders with heavy training schedules, and Alberto Contador himself.

The results are as impressive as the tenacity of the team’s riders.

The Jersey

Polartec-Kometa Team long sleeve jerseyFor racing, team members have three different jerseys to choose from, depending on the day’s conditions. In temperate conditions, the workhorse Power Stretch Jersey, made from Polartec Power Stretch, wicks away moisture and provides breathability. The durable stretch of the fabric stands up to race day wear-and-tear while allowing the athletes’ bodies move comfortably during grueling days.

Polartec-Kometa Team Tour of AntalyaFor hot conditions, riders wear the Polartec Delta jersey. Polartec Delta‘s unique knit and bi-thread construction hacks the body’s natural cooling system, sweat, to manage perceived body heat. Fibers against the skin hold moisture. As that moisture evaporates, helped by wicking polyester on the outside face of the fabric, it cools the skin. Unlike other wicking fabrics, Polartec Delta doesn’t cling to the body when wet, reducing discomfort. For racers pedaling hard in hot conditions, the Delta jersey allows them to focus on race tactics and not their jersey.

When it rains on race day, the Rain Jersey, made from Polartec Power Shield Pro, is a cyclist’s best friend. The fabric repels water but also breathes and stretches, perfect for high-aerobic activities in adverse conditions.

The Bib

To achieve maximum comfort in the saddle, the Polartec-Kometa team’s bib short is a combination two different versions of Polartec Power Stretch plus Polartec Delta. That combination ensures durability and comfort where it’s needed most. The 4-way stretch of Polartec Power Stretch allows the bib to move fluidly with riders’ motion for hours on end while supporting hard-working muscles.

In cold conditions, the Winter Bibtight is a full-leg bottom that taps Polartec Wind Pro and Power Shield Pro for protection against wind, precipitation, and cold. This tight helps riders get out the door when the weather would suggest otherwise.

The Accessories

Polartec-Kometa Team arm warmersVersatility is important to the Polartec-Kometa team riders. They need a toolkit of accessories to customize their kit to personal preference and conditions. Two sets of leg, arm, and knee warmers, one made from lightweight nylon Polartec Power Stretch, the other from Polartec Windbloc, serve this purpose. Same goes for shoe covers. Made in both Polartec Wind Pro and Polartec NeoShell, no rider should ever experience cold or wet feet.

Polartec-Kometa Team Tour de Normandie

Key Training Gear

The right baselayer can make or break a ride. Fabric plays a pivotal role in this equation. Lightweight Polartec Power Wool makes the perfect base for a day on the bike. A Long-sleeve Power Wool Baselayer and Power Wool Tank were designed for the team, which can be worn alone or layered with other Polartec piece. The unique bi-plated construction of Power Wool, which puts wicking merino wool against the skin and a durable polyester on the fabric’s exterior, ensures next-to-skin comfort in a range of conditions.

On The Podium

Every athlete wants to look good when they earn a spot on the podium. For those occasions, Polartec-Kometa riders can look good and be comfortable. The Podium Power Fill Jacket, insulated with super warm Polartec Power Fill, keeps athletes warm as they cool down from the intensity of the race.

Speaking to the versatility of Polartec Power Stretch family of fabrics, the fabric is the key ingredient in the Power Stretch Podium Hoody, in addition to the team’s bibshorts and jersey. For the hoody, the interior face of the fabric is brushed for warmth while maintaining excellent breathability, a helpful attribute for when the champagne flows!

See the Kit in Action

Follow the Polartec-Kometa Team on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see how Polartec fabrics are integral to the team’s daily training and 2018 racing season.


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