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Baker Boyd Skis Japan with Teton Bros

clairewsmiley 3 years ago

Polartec creates a full range of performance fabrics for Japanese apparel brand Teton Bros. The close collaboration has resulted in custom fabric development and some of the most considered apparel for skiing and life around it. Polartec skier Baker Boyd recently visited Teton Bros founder Nori Suzuki in his native Japan for an immersive two weeks in Japanese ski culture. The resulting video is not your average Japan ski video. 

Read on for Baker’s favorite Teton Bros pieces, all made with high performance Polartec fabrics.

Baker’s Recap: Photo Story

We spent two weeks in Japan visiting with Teton Bros., a Japanese outerwear manufacturer that specialize in garments made with Polartec fabric for skiing. Nori, the founder of Teton Bros, and his family and friends showed us an authentic Japanese experience. We ate the best ramen, snacks, and sushi. We skied secret stashes in the best locations with the coolest people. Thank you Nori and company for the amazing treatment. Can’t wait to get back next year! Arigato!

Baker Boyd in the Japanese Mountains

Great to see the ocean while skiing for the first time and to appreciate where the fish in the amazing sushi we were going to eat later that night would come from.

Baker Boyd grabs air in Japan

Grabbing Japan.

Baker Boyd Hiking in Japan

Hiking to the goods.

Why Baker visited Japan

Why we visited to Japan.

Baker Boyd in over his head

The whole experience was over my head.

Baker Boyd floating in Japan

The most I’ve ever floated in a two week span.

Baker Boyd Japan Snacks

Snacks and Polartec Neoshell are the staples of any good ski day. Rice triangles and bean candy we’re some of our favorites. Even the one day the snow was bad, the food cheered us up.

Baker Boyd in Tokyo

It’s crazy how close Tokyo is to mountain life and how different they are.

Thank you Polartec for the trip of a lifetime and Teton Bros for the hospitality. I hope to come back every year.

Baker’s Favorite Teton Bros Items

More Polartec Collaborations with Teton Bros


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