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Fabric Science Goes Rogue

clairewsmiley 4 years ago
Dr. North and Power Sheep in Morocco

Polartec is devoted to pushing the boundaries of fabric science. We’ve innovated for over 100 years, searching for the best combinations of synthetic threads and knitting methods. Fabric innovation is what gets us up in the morning.

Dr. Mike North, the man behind Discovery Channel’s In The Making, specializes in examining how cutting edge technologies work. He traveled around the world learning about Polartec fabrics and seeing them in action. Watch all of his adventures, from taking breathable waterproof fabric up into the Colorado Rockies to chasing sheep in the high desert of Morocco with Power Wool.

No Ducks in This Down, starring Polartec Alpha

Get the Triple Aught Design jacket that inspired Dr. Mike to investigate what’s keeping him warm.

Jacket Got To Breathe, starring Polartec NeoShell

Check out Strafe Outerwear’s Highlands Collection for breathable Polartec NeoShell pieces.

Giant Tesla Coil, Fire, and Staying Safe, starring Polartec FR fabrics

Stay safe with Ariat’s FR Polartec Baselayer.

Wool + Science For The Win, starring Polartec Power Wool

Feel the power of Power Wool with Cotopaxi’s Tolimán Pullover.

Learn the Science of Evaporative Cooling, starring Polartec Delta.

The Westcomb Delta Crew will keep you cool all summer long.

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